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Originally Posted by sabredog View Post
Hampton picks a table away from the background chatter and noise, and orders up some lunch.

"Looks like you are a regular in this place, Doc, how long have you lived here?"
Smiling as they all take a seat, he tells the waitress to give him the bill for these to gents.

'Just a natural talent of sorts. I have been here about 2 months since the Navy and I parted ways.'

After the waitress brings their drinks and some appetizers, Doc tips the waitress and whispers in her ear again. She nods and leaves.

'So, now other than food or if we call her over, we should be free to talk a bit.'

'I am Sam Freeman, but most people just call me Doc. And you are?' nodding to both Hampton and Max.

assuming introductions are done and to keep the flow going

'Now to answer your first question, I am a certified Doctor with some specialty in xeno. The Navy and I, in particular the Space Jocks
which refers to space fighter pilots didn't see eye to eye on some things and so I took my leave.'

'I haven't decided exactly what I am going to do, but I have considered setting up a practice, but I think I would miss out there too much, so I have been taking a vacation of sorts and passing the time.'

'I saw that your ship posted some positions and I do like keeping my options open. Now, I do not come cheap, but I can bring a lot to the table if I like the game.'

'So, your turn, Captain. What is your game and what are the potential takes?'
'We have no choice about the world we are born into.
We only have a choice of the world we leave behind when we die.' Capt J.T. Kirk