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Here is the Final version (I hope!) of the Fortunate Son specs, deckplans, description, and other info.

Tonight (Friday 8/9) I will post the "First Post" for the campaign, giving y'all the current situation and asking for your actions.

Unless y'all make up some sort of shift/duty schedule, I will roll randomly to determine who is on duty, who is off-duty but awake, and who is asleep when the ship comes out of jump.

Current players are:
Onboard the Fortunate Son:
Sabredog - Hampton Rhodes, Captain and Pilot
ErianFrost - Kalos Thar, First Officer and Pilot/Navigator
ATPollard - Max Black, Chief Engineer and Chief Steward
DaveChase - Doc Freeman, Medical Officer and Cargo Chief
Samuelvss - Leo P. Henry, Asst Engineer and Security
ChaosBennett - Gayne Maize, Asst Medic and Security
Three NPC crewpersons (see p.12 of ship info)
"Grounded" on Destination World:
Fritz_Brown - Donoma Lafitte, Navigator Extraordinaire
LiNeNoIse - no character submitted for approval yet
Gonna be fun, folks!
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