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I posted a similar comment on the YouTube video directly but I'll say it here again: a production on a budget of nothing with volunteers - totally amazing results! Yeah, yeah, yeah, the CGI could use work, etc. etc. but guys, c'mon that stuff takes HOURS of skilled work and I'm glad they were brave enough just to say "yeap, have something, will post it for the fans." It's always a brave move.

I agree with others that it looks "20th century" - but for me, that was kind of what Traveller was like. Traveller always struck me as a social-realist game - I just happen to be re-reading Startown Liberties and let me tell ya, it's actually pretty grim! Well reflected in this little trailer. But the stories in Traveller also soar to the stars.

In terms of comparisons to Firefly - Firefly is science fiction with an 19th Century 'frontier' feel - I reckon Far Trader could scope itself out as science fiction with a near-future feeling. So, like, a period piece, but the period is now. That way, if it dates, it's still a period piece.

I also thought it was a NAS, by the way. Made sense in a tense armed patrol that, even if hunting for something, you'd want to know if anything intelligent was over the next hill!

If there's room for guest scriptwriters, count me in! What's going to get a low-budget production attention is good story. That's what makes Firefly such a legendary series - a GREAT story.

Great stuff, I hope you feel encouraged.
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