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Default Any good hard SF space opera recommendations

First, my tastes:

I love L.E. Modessit, Jr's SF mostly, but did not like 'hammer of darkness' and hated 'adiamante'. I thought 'the eternity artifact' was one of the best SF novels I ever read.

I kind of liked Dave Weber for a while, and like parts of his work but got sick and tired of being constantly beaten over the head with his politics. Damn near every book of his had to either A. Bodyslam liberalism, B. Praise conservativism or C. Both. In some of his books the bad parts of humanity were literally called the liberal progressives and portrayed as stupid, selfish morons who would destroy humanity if not stopped. Meanwhile conservative capitalists were the saints. Ugh, I got so sick of that I quit reading him, it was good SF but with the unbearable stench of fox news added in.

I recently discovered Allistair Reynolds and loved his works "The prefect" and "pushing ice". I've read several of the revelation space novels and house of suns. Most of his work ranges from good to great.

I'd like some good hard SF space opera style books. Any recommendations based on the above.? In really don't want a lot of right wing politics thrown in my face, weber did enough of that. PS My head doesn't explode if there's FTL travel involved as I don't consider that to be outside hard SF.
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