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To take my mind off Miss Ka, I put a little more heart into cooking meals as the Ship's Steward. A birthday cake for Grunt, vanilla mind you. Vargr do not eat real chocolate, but synthesized is okay, I guess. And for a party, I put more into Red Wizard.

"Hold up. Hold up!"

"What's wrong, Ri?"

I sighed underneath my goggles and folded my gloved claws. "Ofo, I know you like a lot of frontend damage, but if you keep tossing Profane spells like machine gun bullets, the backlash, should the game proc will take all of us with you."

"But we're almost done with this zone."

"Hun, Ri is right. This zone is not timed. Slow down and let Grunt go Elemental. It's somewhat safer than Profane."

Yeah. They dragged me out of 'town' on a Red Wizard quest.

"If Grunt's spells are too erratic, we can fall back on Jack's Artifice. Let someone else proc the game for a backlash."

Dejected, Ofo reluctantly fell back behind Grunt who took over with Elemental AoE spells.

Sure enough, after jump rumblings and breakout, the Red Wizard update in Naasakiira resulted in a magical backlash for some other group, leaving us safer and a little more patient.

As the Ship's IT Vargr, I'm rated in Computer.
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