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Extents Vargr are more free willed without Subsector Dukes, Domain Archdukes and without some Emperor sitting on a throne of Iridium. So there.

That was the first and only time Ofo and I traded shots in comparing and contrasting Imperial and Extents Vargr. We are Vargr and that really is enough. Integration is a preference really. As Merchants, our goal is to make credits off Supply and Demand.

"Again with the BuddySystem, crew," commanded Uessae.

Again, I was partnered with Grunt as we disembarked at Shushaka Skyway Orbital. We were allowed Bayonets, daggers and non-concealed edges but no firearms, especially concealed.

Far less military and far more mercantile was the Skyway. At Tech-14, there were no pedestrians in vaccsuits as had been on Mowanda. Following suit, we stepped out on the orbital town in civilian wear.

Grunt yanked me out of a thoroughfare by my Tuscan red jacket. He had seen the local Count, his eleven sycophants barreling through on a travel lane in their Air/raft. Never mind that there was a pedestrian lane. Armed, armored and full of self-importance, the retinue did not think twice about us commoners. Another thing you won't find in the Extents. Entitlement beyond personal and immediate Vargr Charisma.

"Thanks," I nodded to larger and stronger Grunt.

Nobles are assigned to Imperial worlds, but that doesn't mean they necessarily own said world or are immune to the law.

"Jerk," I groused at the vehicle downfield.

Grunt found a restaurant for the crew and used the local SysNet to notify the others. The Hand Computers we bought on Drayne were serving us well with directions and other tourist points of interest.

No cops bothered me at the Commerce terminal which was a plus. I did business as Grunt thumbed responses to the others over his device.

"Hey! We're the top dogs in the local Vargr group standings in Red Wizard!" Grunt stood taller as I rolled my eyes.

To placate the Army Captain, I asked Grunt, "How many all-Vargr groups are local?" The question required him to thumb and swipe through lists on his Hand Computer.

I finished business on the Commerce terminal in time to hear Grunt report, "Four, Ri. There are four all-Vargr groups."

"One would think that the game was more popular to Vargr inside the Imperium," I offered.

Grunt displayed his device and said, "But there's more mixed groups, mainly Vargr and Humans, Ri."

I shrugged as we followed directions to the restaurant where we rejoined the others plus Miss Ka.

We ate dinner. I showed my numbers in Black for my day of Commerce to Uessae. The others hunched over the Red Wizard stats. I was also impressed with Miss Ka. The Vilani High Passenger had chosen to sit and eat with us Vargr. Of most Humaniti, I think the Vilani understand us Vargr best.
Ofo sat between me and his fiancée. Between Red Wizard and my day's commerce he asked me, "How'd it go?"

"88K versus base 119K by adding Mail to Naasakiira, I am going Mail plus speculative Aluminum. It's a gamble in my favor what with Naasakiira being Non-Industrial." I felt a little proud of the purchase, I admit.

Seventy percent of base Cr1000 industrial Aluminum to an Ag-world seemed an opportunity.

"Trade and Commerce is about watching where you are and where you are headed," I added.

"You're not in the hole again, are you, Ri?" Ofo was genuine to ask.

"Cr37,800 isn't going to sink me, Ofo," I assured him.

Since the Thuegueus was undergoing Life Support renewal and restocking, we stayed at a Highport lodge for the night.
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