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After the Freight hit my account, just in time to pay the Berthing of Cr600 and the dinner tab (for myself only being that poor), we toured Drayne Upwell Orbital.

Draynewerks(TM) Tools from TL-12 Drayne were vastly superior and we spent a day splurging on Tool Sets for each of us, Hand Computers, Medical Kits, and other sundries that recent adventures seemed to indicate.

I thought Grunt was going to paint the display window with tongue drool as we passed the Vehicles Dealer. I could see his pleading eyes, a desire for me to mount an Air/raft in the cargo bay. But I could no more afford one than he, so we perused the Grav Belt models instead of fogging the windows of the Air/rafts MSRP.

Across the Highport commerce arm, I spotted Uessae and Ofo talking to the local Knight of Drayne. Though I could not tell from the Knight's Human body language, Uessae and Ofo seemed amicable to being greeted. There was chat as I pretended to try on a Grav Belt harness and spied on the Aekhu.

There is no better chance for outgoing Mail than on a world like Drayne. Later that day, I snapped up five tons of Mail to Shushaka (Corridor 1109) and 55 tons of Minor Freight.

The Silver Imbalance was too expensive for me and worse at 150% of Cr70,000 per ton to come within ten paces of buying. Even my crew were put off. Perhaps if the pirate attack had not happened... I scratched behind my right ear and walked from the Speculative warehouse.

I added the single ton of Incidental Freight and noted the lack of Personal Messages to Shushaka. That left us with 12 tons of empty cargo space for more sparring and ball games in the Cargo Hold. Jack later helped me put the Freight to the sides of the Hold, so we had a central court to play in.

Miss Ka's Cr10,000 High Passage hit my account just as she showed up from touring the Highport, though her Vilani business was her own.

A little better equipped with Draynewerks, we boarded the Thuegueus, glad to be away from this Amber Zone world. The Puzzle Trade Classification was to indicate that sociologists were "puzzled" as to why this High Population was not factious and fighting over the mainworld and system. We chalked it up to the Charismatic Oligarchy. Charisma is everything it seems. The Third Imperium could use such lessons.

Even more friendly than Drayne, Shushaka (Corridor 1109) inbound traffic was friendly, courteous even to our Extents Vargr Trader and we had no trouble skimming for fuel, bypassing a commuting Subsidized Liner and a Slow Pinnace commuter. Life Support was due again. But again, we were able to avoid landing dirtside by docking at Shushaka Skyway Orbital. At Tech-14, the crew was giddy to spend credits. I pointed out that Kaasu (Corridor 1209) was Tech-15 but off our planned route. The others were still anxious to see what the Highport had to offer.

A nice, little trade triangle is found in Drayne-Shushaka-Kaasu. All three are interstellar tech. All three have Gas Giants. Two have A-rated shipyards. One has both a Naval Base and a Scout Base. One has a Research Base doing Ancients-knows-what. A Jump-2 Merchant could make a killing off these three worlds with sorties into its neighboring worlds to add spice to the circuit. I pointed this out to Ofo my Aekhu Merchant counterpart. He nodded with his tongue lolling out. "Imperial space is rife with opportunity. Is it the same in the Extents, Ri?"

The question took a little steam out of me. Us Extents Vargr don't have a Scout Service though we favor independent Couriers. What we do have in plethora is Corsairs.

Then I fired back at Ofo with, "Both Kaasu and Drayne are labeled as Amber Zones, so sticking to the Highports of the three worlds is advised."

Unfazed, the Aekhu countered with, "Not for Imperial citizens." He pulled that card. Yes, there is a margin for Imperial Vargr, Aekhu most readily, to better integrate with the Third Imperium. It's barely palpable but does give Vargr such as the Aekhu an edge.

We ended at a draw because I had to dormant the drives and open the umbilical power hatch for the Highport dock crews to hookup the ship.
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