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I woke up in my cabin, bandages across my chest. Power was back on. I fumbled for my Comm and saw the time was some hours later. “Sound off!" I called in a sudden panic.

My voice echoed across the entire ship. Uessae, Grunt, Jack and Miss Ka answered. Ancients.

But seconds later, I heard Ofo call out over the intercom and Jack followed up though his voice was scratchy.

We must have repelled or killed all the boarders.

Less than a minute later, Uessae entered and calmed me down. Jack took a nasty graze to the shoulder which had injured his throat and vocal cords. Ofo had downed his intruder. Uessae and Grunt had made short work of their boarders then turned on Ofo’s remaining foe. Jack held his own until he took the hit to his shoulder and neck. Miss Ka had popped one through the open hatch between decks after she finished off the pirate who put me down for the count. In all, we had repelled eight boarders, killing all of them. I and Jack were the only ones hurt, me more seriously than he.

The pirate ship buggered off seeing that five Vargr and one Vilani could handle eight Q-pirate raiders. Cutting their losses, they jumped instead of hanging back in a system with Naval and Scout Bases. They could spare no more to press the siege.

Grunt had beheaded his with that Groatsticker of his and then impaled the second long enough for Uessae to finish that one off. I laid in my cabin and heard the report of Uessae and Grunt then moving to help Ofo and finally injured Jack.

We were able to raise a Scout Ship who then relayed a tug for us. I had returned to Charted Space from Unconscious Land with the Thuegueus almost arriving in orbit over mainworld Mowanda.

“A Carbine nearly lost us a job, Captain-Owner,” Uessae said just before my Medic Jack checked on me.

“You- ahem you look like living Groatshit, boss,” announced Jack. “But you will live.”

I felt like I had been drop-kicked by a Groat with a mean streak.

The real pain, the bill for all of this was to come that week. Fuel, orbital GEOS parking, tug, medical supplies used, Life Support, the repairs to the Jump Drive, and the statements we would have to file on the attack with any recordings we could produce.

Let me say here and now that suffering a hit to the J-Drive is the most expensive repair bill on a ship. In pain and soreness, I haggled the Fruits, made my statement with officials, oversaw repairs because no one could read Logaksu on Mowanda, and ate painkillers like candy. But at Tech-10, I was almost new with a tiny bullet scar from that Carbine.

I was Cr63,260 in the hole after tallying all the bills and the 120% profits from the Fruits. Mowanda was hungry for them but not starving.

That is, until country Vargr Grunt, former Army Captain Gvuedhag Aeng bailed me out with his own credits, most of it from his reward money back in Sigma 7. I thanked him. He thanked me for monitoring his vitals during the Liner siege.

After that day, the pain wasn't so bad.

On Mowanda, locals don't bat an eyelid or double-take anyone else wearing their vaccsuits suit-and-tie in the concourse terminal of a Downport on a Vacuum world. Spacers, Scouts, Merchantmen and MerchantVargr such as I walked about in such array like it was the most normal lifestyle.

Another lifestyle quirk on Mowanda was the low Law Level. I checked before landing: 4 - Light assault weapons prohibited. No Dheer for Grunt. But he looked protected enough by loping about with his Broadsword-2 on his back inside the Extrality Line.

It was the Imperial Marines stationed about in their Combat Armor and Carbines that kept everyone well-behaved.

"You. Wolfperson-," said the Barbarian who was likely in close to nil under the VaccSuit-10. The tower of Human meat plunked down a huge, gold ingot and declared, "You will take me and my yellow metal home."

"Let me handle this," offered Jack who though healed still had a scratchy voice.

Lifting the ingot of gold and taking the Barbarian off to speak to him privately, Jack and the Patron spoke in a corner. I saw him point to his throat and at me. Nods and apologetic Vargr paralanguage told me that Jack was making our excuses. We would not bump Miss Lidus Ka of Naasirka, LIC from our Charter in favor to delivering Rowan the Barbarian to his home planet.

Credit-less, I landed some Freight to Drayne. The three tons left over were immediately scooped up, with my grateful permission of course, by Uessae and Ofo, Jack and Grunt. Textiles were on the menu this week.
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