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Default Man Portable Missiles and Rocket Launchers

Looking through the first version Core Rulebook and the Supply Catalog, I'm struck by the apparent absence of man-portable guided missiles (MPGM), both anti-tank and air defense (MPATGM, ManPAD respectively) and the man-portable rocket launcher/recoilless antitank rifle. These would be different from the rocket launchers (a crew-served tripod or vehicular-mounted weapon) and RAM Grenade Launcher that are in the Supply Catalog and are much lighter (they are man-portable !) than the missiles in that book.

These weapons have been ubiquitous since the 1960's (with the recoilless rifle having been largely replaced by the MPATGM in first and second tier militaries). The recoilless rifle (and panzerschrek, bazooka, etc.) fired HE, HEAP, and flechette rounds, and would be 75mm (light) to 90mm (medium) (the vehicular-mounted heavy weapon was 106mm in US inventories of the 1970's and 80's).
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