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Default Nice Char sheet

Looking good. The major issues I have regarding the amount of space in certain areas can be taken care of by your micro data squares which would hold the additional data.

I'm working on a character sheet too. But I want mine to be displayable, and eventually (probably will be a long way off) created, updated, and saved on-line. I figured it would be easier to do it in excel and save the sheet as an html document than to code it myself.

One thing I might suggest if you want to regain a little space is a little redesign of the characteristics area.

I am using 2 squares for each characteristic unlike the 16 you have. One is for the value and the other the DM. Looks terrible in this format but just so you get the point:

Str Dex End Int Edu Soc

Also where it says "Image Area" on yours, mine says "Insert 165x150 Image". I thought it would be nice for people to easily know the image size when cropping or creating one.
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