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If one likes the personal combat system, the space combat system works pretty well... and the damage table is easily memorized. It was decisive on skill of the characters and good tactical choices, aside from the power issue. (which said, I've suggested a fix for of producing 1 power point per drive letter, and taking one per letter for Manuver and 5 per letter to jump...)

Then again, I've run a dozen SFB tourneys...
Well, I like SFB just fine. Been playing it since it was a Task Force minigame. But if I wanna play SFB, I'll play SFB. And the designers of MGT failed to steal the other half of SFB that makes it work -- the impulse movement system. Cobbling a half-baked SFB-like energy system on top of the mindless initiative system is the worst kind of kludge. Crap, crap, crap.
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