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I prefer a modification of AHL/STRIKER with weapons having a penetration rating and a damage rating and then having (horrors!!!) a penetration roll that determines how much (if any) damage is deducted from the weapon's impact.

As I do it now, both shooter and shootee get 1d6 added to their weapon penetration/armor rating and the difference between the modified armor rating and the modified weapon rating is the number subtracted from =every= die of damage the shooter then rolls.

Example: someone with a gauss pistol (Pen 4, 4d6 damage) shoots someone in cloth armor (Armor 5). Shooter rolls a 3, armor rolls a 4, giving values of 7 vs. 9, giving a -2 on every die of damage. Shooter rolls 2,3,4,6, resulting in 0,1,2,4 or 7 total points of damage.

In practice I did the armor penetration roll (to help hide what armor people were wearing, the shooter rolled their damage, and I applied the DM and (quietly) told the victim what damage they took.

Note that armor could be inpenetrable to a given weapon under this system (without "Called Shots" or "Critical Hits" both of which were possible in my system for =hitting= the target) and weapons could be "always penetrates" against some armors.
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