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"LBB1: basic + Citizens character generation tables (and skills), but add a special duty roll to gain more benefits per term. Allow a character to pick two skills, one as a life pursuit and one as a hobby, these skills can be selected instead of a rolled skill, but only once per term."

I would eliminate random rolls for skills - we choose our casreers in real life, so let people whoose whether to study navigation or piloting... Keep the "8+ Education only" skill list so some skills are not available to the truly education-challenged. Also add the extra skills from book 4 and 5 to the navy, army and marine careers as choices. After all, why can a pirate get ship tactics but a navy pilot can't?

Put in place skill-0 skills base don homeworld. IMTU each CT characters gets 2 level-0 skills to choose from, based on their homeworld.
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