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Originally Posted by kilemall View Post
I think it should be VERY milieu and situational driven.

For example, if you are mustering out from something like Pirates or Mercs, it would be reasonable to have something higher end, definitely not PGMP/FGMPs but maybe a lower end laser or rifle TL back 1-2, or a RAM GL. Tools of the trade as much as any repair kit/doctor instruments muster out.
If it's a libertarian or warrior honor society, probably something in the same ballpark.
Marine, Navy and Merchant, gauss/snub/laser pistols, accelerator weaponry, etc. and other ship security whatever would be appropriate.

A milieu where the service people are more like Swiss reserves would reasonably have military weaponry, but they would be limited to service functions and using them for 'personal business/defense' in any way would likely result in court martial and/or dismissal.

Probably the easiest thing to do is base available weaponry on the civilian LL of the government they were in the service of. Pirates, Rogues, criminals probably operate on LL0-1, Imperial space and most starports/star forces at LL-2, LL of the planet they served/mostly operate from, LL3 for Hunters and other interstellar civilian careers.
Agreed. If your interstellar government is closer to the 20th-21st century model of Western governments, then LBB1-Only is fitting - maybe the weapon was personally owned and retained, or purchased with mustering out funds. If your milieu has an interstellar government more closely resembling 19th century or earlier Western governments, then retaining military equipment on mustering out would be more in scope.
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