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Question Armor and Weapons As Mustering Out Benefits

What armor and weapons do you allow for mustering-out benefits ? Other than the more mundane (e.g. snub pistol, SMG, blade, flak vests, ballistic cloth clothing, etc.) do you allow military/naval service characters to exit with Gauss weaponry ? Combat Armor? Battle Dress ? My view is that certain items would be restricted (such as the PGMP and FGMP and Battle Dress), usable only by the State's military/naval forces and possibly available to sanctioned mercenary organizations. I don't see the Imperial Marines allowing a mustering-out character to take his/her suit of Battle Dress with him/her. Likewise, I think much of the "state of the art" weaponry (and any heavy weapons) and armor would have to be left in the armory. I think that what the character would be allowed to leave with would be personal weapons, and "military surplus" (i.e.obsolete to force's TL) armor and weapons. Accordingly, if a character from the TL-15 Imperial Marines or Army takes Combat Armor, it might be TL 11 or 12 (not the standard issue TL-14). (I'm torn regarding gauss weapons though.) And for lower tech forces, such as a planetary army/wet navy etc., s/he probably wouldn't be allowed to leave with higher tech weapons (higher tech lasers, gauss weapons, maybe not even the ACR) which would be "cutting edge" for that force. Thoughts ?
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