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Originally Posted by mike wightman View Post
There are quite a few characters in 1001 characters that break it for one thing, for another it didn't exist in CT or revised CT before TTB.
I would argue that the characters you cite in 1001 Characters do not actually break the rule.

My reasoning: There's nothing in the Maximum Skills rule that addresses "rolling back" skills if a character gets through chargen with a total number of skill levels that exceeds the character's Experience score.

What would you do? Roll randomly to see which skills have to be lowered? Reduce the highest skills first? Player's choice?

I think that if a character gets through chargen like this, then that's where the character starts play. In fact, chargen is the only way a character can obtain more total skill levels than his Experience score allows. The Experince System is not open to a character like this (as far as skill improvement goes--the Physical Program would certainly be open).

If a character like this wishes to improve a skill or add a new skill, then he must use the Experience system to increase his EDU score so that his Experience score is higher than the total sum of his skill levels.
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