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Originally Posted by rancke View Post
And he can't learn any more physical skills no matter how strong and agile he may be.
That may be an interesting House Rule. But, the physical skills are STR + DEX + END. You'll almost always have high totals that allow as many physical skills as the character can gain in chargen or by using the Experience system.

On the other hand, our INT-3, EDU-4 character could theoretically learn Science-7 if the dice fell just right. I have a problem with that too.
I don't have an issue with that. "if the dice fell just right" is key. It's very unlikely, if the CT chargen rules are followed (and the real Survival Rule is used and not the Optional Survival Rule). And, even in the very rare occurence that it did happen, I could see someone focussing their entire life in one area to become an uber master without knowing much of anything else.

Originally Posted by mike wightman View Post
There are quite a few characters in 1001 characters that break it for one thing, for another it didn't exist in CT or revised CT before TTB.
Hard to tell, with all the revisions that CT saw. Like the Pulse Laser rule showing up only in Starter Traveller.

It defeats the skills trumping stats trope of CT too.
I disagree. Stats definitely have their place in CT. Throw 2D for a stat or less is an often used throw. If you want to throw a Blade, then a character uses his full DEX score as a modifier on the throw. And, stats definitely modify or govern a lot of throws: For example, the DEX modifiers to Gun Combat attack throws; END used to count the number of Blade Combat rounds until the Weakened Blow penalty is assumed; various DMs on throws based on level of stat, etc.

In CT pre-TTB and the stupid rule you could have a 4 term Army vet with an Int and Edu of 4 that has 10 skills - a very playable character.
Any character in CT, regardless of stats or skills, is "very playable", imo.
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