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The "Experience Rule" is also covered on page 29 of the Traveller Book, under "Maximum Skills".

Basically, the rules says that a character can have no more total skill levels than the total of his INT + EDU.

For example, if your character has INT-7 and EDU-9, then you would sum up all of a character's skills. The total cannot be larger than 16.

Although it's not cited as such here, in other references, the sum of a character's INT + EDU is refered to as the character's Experience.

I do like this rule in the game. I know MT uses it, but I think it was dropped from rule sets after MT (and, I'm not sure if it is referenced in every CT edition).

Basically, if you've got a dumb, un-educated character, he is limited on the number of skills he can have. For example, if a character has INT-3 and EDU-4, then the character is limited to a total of 7 skills levels. If the character has AutoRifle-3, Engineering-2, Forgery-1, Admin-0, Vacc Suit-0, and Ship's Boat-1, he cannot learn any more skills or improve the ones he has.

With a character like that, the character is forced to use the CT experience rules to improve His EDU score.

In other words, the boy needz sum learnin', an iffin he gets it, he'll has room fo mo skillz. He can improve a skill he has or learn a new skill.
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