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Yeah, I thought of the idea of comparing skills too on the roll. I like that.

I think FCS's idea of using a modifier based on the vessel's G rating is a good idea as well.

Throw those two mods into what's already been written, and I think this is a neat, quickie little combat systems for flying craft and space vessels under 100 tons.

I mean, if I were plotting movement on a grid, using Book 2 Space Combat, I'd go ahead and plot small vessels too.

Where I think this little combat model will be handy is when using Book 2 space combat with Range Band movement.

Or, when you want to do a quick dogfight in the atmosphere of a world.

In those two instances, this is a handy little rule. LBB 1 uses the +2 DM in the description.

Both my Traveller Book, and my Starter Traveller show the DM as a negative at -2 DM.

I thinking it's a typo as well...and should be a +2 DM.
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