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I found the same text as atpollard in my Bk 1; it's a +2 DM to the escape and evade rolls for a character with Ship's Boat-2. I don't recall noticing this little system either; I like that it isn't at all "fiddly", although the odds that the game session will be over before the pizza arrives seem awfully high.


It doesn't take G into acceleration, either - assuming equal piloting skill, the chances for a Shuttle (3G) to outrun a Fighter (6G) are the same as the other way around, which seems ... dubious. Perhaps the difference in G rating could be introduced as a modifier to the escape roll, eg the Shuttle gets a DM -3 on a roll to escape the Fighter, but the Fighter would get a DM +3 on a roll to escape the Shuttle.

In any case, like most of the CT skill descriptions, this one is less a "system" and more a "rough guideline" ...
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