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I've been re-reading the CT skill descriptions as I haven't scanned them closely in 15+ years.

Facinating reading. I highly suggest CT GMs re-familiarize themselves with this stuff.

Under the Ship's Boat skill, there's a hidden space combat system! It's a quickie system, but a system none-the-less.

I'm having trouble reading it, though. Maybe there's a typo.

It says:

Assume a hostile attack on a pinace (small craft) flown by a character with Ship's Boat-2. Throw 10+ for the pinnace to escape on contact and avoid the attack; DM -2 based on the skill. Throw 8+ to avoid being hit by enemy fire if the escape attempt fails; DM -2, again based on the skill. Alternate these throws until either escape succeeds or the craft is hit. If the pinnace is hit, throw 5+ for it to be crippled and boarded; 4- for the craft to be destroyed; no DMs appy to this throw for damage type.

Looky-there. That, ladies and gents, is Space Combat System for small craft, complete with damage table.

You could easily use it for dogfights out in space.

You can combine it with the Range Band version of Book 2 space combat to settle doggfights between vessels less than 100 tons (I'd probably handle this during the Ordance Launch Phase.)

And, you could also use it for quickie fighter battles within a planet's atmosphere.

There's a lot of little uses for this neat little set of guidelines.

Question, though: Is that -2 DM the skill of the attacker? Or is that a typo, where it should be a +2 DM to help the pinnace in the example escape and made the 10+ roll?

How do you read that?
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