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Originally Posted by timerover51 View Post
After going through the legalese at the end of the Cepheus Engine System Reference Document, it appears that I can publish my own version of the rules providing that I mention the source document. I am not worried about compatibility as I suspect that my end product will not be that compatible with the overall Cepheus Rules.

I am looking to simplify the rules to a shorter format, with fewer careers, a trimmed down skills list, no psionics, a percentile-based one-roll-and-done combat system, along with rewriting the ship construction rules and cutting out the section on space combat. I am already working on a new system for animal creation, but think that a separate booklet on animal encounters might be a better option.

Now, am I correct that I can do that within the guidelines of the Open Gaming License?
I see no reason why you could not do that. There are already two versions of Cepheus Engine which have departed in one way or another from the rules presented in the original CE.

Cepheus Light has been produced by Stellagama which is closer to what you are talking about doing in the way of streamlining the rules.

Clement Sector: The Rules was produced by GKG to go along with our Clement Sector setting. I felt differently than you and expanded the skill list and made the careers more like MgT1e with events, mishaps, and the like.

I see no reason why you couldn't branch off and create something else.
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