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Originally Posted by aramis View Post
About 1:30pm, 9th Jan 1887.

Smithers returns from the cricket pitch with McPhee in tow. After a couple minutes (and a miner's headlamp), McPhee proclaims that there's no evidence of it being opened.

By the light of the headlamp, however, you see what the Colour Serjeant was looking at - the patent plate. McPhee also hands a bailing band clip to McBean. "Squirrel," he says, indicating the colour serjeant, then the clip, "and nut? What say we not annoy naval supply... Mr. McBean, if you wish, I'll put Colour here on report, and make the needed hassles. But really, we should be off world in the morning. It's a couple months in space."
Carson prompts Lance Sgt Charley to show Lt McPhee the duplicate invoices and explain the shortage of boxes. Carson also urges Lt McPhee to hold Color Sgt Dennis under arrest until the Major finishes his cricket game and can assess the situation. Carson also points out the patent plate that Dennis was messing with, although he is unsure of the implications of that - McBean is here, too, so maybe he will understand.

Carson faces directly one of the two Privates. "Private, who is your Sergeant, and where might I find 'im? I would like to see about 'aving a guard stationed 'ere at the airship until we leave."

[The Sgt Major still hasn't said anything yet?]

[Once this all seems to be taken care of, Carson will be ready to go to town with McBean and Smithers as previously discussed.]
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