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Originally Posted by aramis View Post
Monday, the 18th of October, Great Western Hotel - while making preparations to check out, there's a knock at the door. A Royal Engineer private in dress red knocks upon the door, and upon it opening,

"Mister Dubois, Sir?" He stands smartly, a handled small draftsmans portfolio hangs from his ink-stained left hand, and his black pith helmet under same arm. A fair bit of brogue hints through.

Upon acknowledgement, he reaches into his portfolio, pulls a postal card, and says, "Major said to give this to ye' since I be driving the Leftenant, Sir."

It sets the appointment for noon on the 9th of January for interview, and is signed by the Major. Pinned to it is a note on the Major's calling card:
Cricket match and high tea to follow. -JF.
Henri writes a quick reply confirming the appointment and hands it to the private.

After the private has left he drafts a letter to Professor Augustin advising him of the interview and confirming his leave of absence.

He also wires his bank to transfer funds to the Bank of England to last him until the interview and beyond.
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