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Hahahaha... oh... ouch!

Originally Posted by far-trader View Post
It's the old Traveller magic grav manipulation to blame here. Traveller stasis fields use grav control to slow/stop motion at a molecular level with exacting precision...
No - its more like the old 'let any old amateur wannabe sci-fi author publish stuff for money' syndrome to blame

Got nothing against gravitics based handwaviums - but when authors go blatantly waving fingers around at common sense...

Grav control at the molecular level this implies - at least trillions of cells (estimated from 10 to 200) not to mention bacteria (over a quadrillion by some estimates) and the nucleic and other molecules - conservatively, over a septillion molecules, easy (Very easy!)

Cool - my PCs can reprogram a lowberth into a matter transformer and turn last nights leftovers into a FGMP! Or replace that puny Model-6 computer... and screw those military sensor analyzers - they can use the lowberth control unit instead!

Good thing I never gave a rats about 'official cannon', and pure fluff that makes no sense gets filed in a different category, for me.
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