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Originally Posted by aramis View Post
And it's Fading Suns, not Faded Suns.
Fading Suns is a science fiction space opera role-playing game published by Holistic Design.

The Faded Sun trilogy is a series of science fiction novels set in the Alliance-Union universe of American writer C. J. Cherryh. The series comprises the three novels The Faded Sun: Kesrith (1978), The Faded Sun: Shon'jir (1978), and The Faded Sun: Kutath (1979), published by DAW Books. They were re-published in as an omnibus edition in the UK in 1987 and in the U.S. in 2000.

The series consists of some of the earliest of Cherryh's novels, featuring world-building and extraterrestrial races. Both the mri and the regul fulfill John W. Campbell's dictum of "show me a creature that thinks as well as a man, or better, but not like a man." The Faded Sun: Kesrith was nominated for the Nebula Award in 1978 and the Hugo Award in 1979 and was shortlisted for the Locus Awards in 1979. In addition, the other two books in the trilogy were independently longlisted for the Locus Award.

The Faded Sun: Kesrith was originally published as a 4-part serial starting in February 1978 in Galaxy Science Fiction (Volume 39, Nos 2-5)
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