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Games I love AND enjoy playing/GM'ing
"Classic" D&D (B/X, 1st ed AD&D, and similar (including Castles & Crusades)
Traveller (CT primarily, but MgT works)
The Fantasy Trip (this one almost fits in the next category, but not quite)

Games I love (mostly for nostalgia), but probably would not run/play them again
Top Secret (the original)
Mechwarrior 2nd Edition

Games I would enjoy playing, but have no desire to ever GM
D&D 4
D&D 5
Top Secret NWO
Star Wars:Edge of Empire (the only one I'm intrigued by)

Games I want to play or GM, but haven't had much opportunity
Savage Worlds
Star Frontiers/Frontier Space
Night's Black Agents or Ashen Stars
Barbarians of Lemuria
Jovian Chronicles
Heavy Gear
Cat: A little game about little heroes

Games I have no desire to play or play again
Any BRP-derived games
Any RoleMaster-derived games
PathFinder or any D20 game
BattleTech:A Time of War
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