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Games I love:

Traveller (MgT, CE)
D&D 5e
D&D B/X (Moldvay)
Star Wars (WEG)
Apocalypse World

Games I could love:

The Black Hack
The Sword, The Crown, & The Unspeakable Power
Burning Wheel
Savage Worlds

Games I used to love:

Cyberpunk 2020
Gamma World (3e)
Star Frontiers
Grand Duke Rhylanor, SPIN 2717 Rhylanor/Rhylanor A434934-F
Count Junidy, SPIN 3202 Junidy/Aramis B434ABD-B
Marquis Tuwayk/Deneb 0339
Marquis Smoug/Lunion 1729
Marquis Rech/Lanth 2112
Baron/ess Rech/Lanth 2112
Knight of Deneb Junidy/Aramis 3202

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