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Originally Posted by kilemall View Post
Big part of the attraction of any paper game is we can decide on modifications on the fly without having to have a preprogrammed setting or modkit. It becomes our game.

In the case of Supremacy, I actually got one of my house rules coded into two versions now of an online iteration, which was cool, but of course didn't need to do that in a face to face game.
I did a game of Diplomacy (Supremacy's older brother), and my ally there kept back stabbing me. Turns out he had orders to do so from outside the game group. Neat huh?

I shrug my shoulders at whoever claims ownership, but authorship is another matter. If you made a Star Wars game, but couldn't use any of the main characters like Luke, Han, or Leia, but could reference all the regular nouns and places, and then claimed that your creation was better than anything George Lucas had written, well, I think I might drop your product and question your capacity to reason (as well as your ego).

Well, games are games, and I'm glad more people are enjoying the interactive fantasy that games provide.
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