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My guess is that it's not wargame that has changed. Its the whorld at large. In the 1990's, we waited patiently for the next issue of our favourite TV show, now one can look for it in the web, also graphics in the games were poor, so the games had to be attractive for their playing, and on line gaming was unusual at best...

All those changes (mostly technological) have brought some changes in mentality too. Now you don't need to meet your friends to keep them on touch, nor to play with them, and, the same way that ebooks are replacing (to a part at least) dead tree ones, computer gaming has replaced (to a point too) board gaming.

You don't need a place to deploy the game (something important in the larges ones), to leave it deployed if you don't finish it in a session, nor even to meet at the same place. And this computer gaming has improved in graphics, making them attractive for them, in many cases at the loss of rules and the game itself..

And yet, I also miss the 90's, but I guess it's moslty because then I was in my 20's, while now I'm in my early 50's...

twenties fast and hard as nails, but never come again...

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