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Default Arrival Vengeance adventure log

I mentioned in the MT forum that I'm running Arrival Vengeance, and there were requests for updates on how it went. we go. This is MT setting with MgT2 rules.

I've got four players, with 11 characters between them. Three players brought their characters from my 1105 campaign forward, marked with *.

Senior ship crew:
  • (player A) Captain Alex Diguli, ship captain
  • (M) Commander Biff Tanner, XO

Diplomatic staff:
  • (*J) Baron Hero Yamamoto, head of diplomatic mission
  • Hero, having been through HighNDry, adopted Kimbley. Kimbley's grandchild is her trained companion and protector.
  • (J) "Edge", female Aslan secretary/bodyguard of Baron Hero
  • (P) Jacob Rowe, Seldrian's aide, secret psionic sent by Branj. Seldrian is the only person who knows he's psionic.
  • (*A) Dame Violet Marzta, diplomatic advisor for Aslan affairs.

  • (P) Squad leader, Gunnery Sergeant Talen Jackson
  • (J) Squad sniper, Sergeant John "The Professor" Kellerson
  • (M) Squad member, Lance Sergeant Janice "Crackle" Anders
  • (A) Squad member, Lance Sergeant River Talor

  • (*P) Sir Question, Vargr Scout and ace pilot with INT 3, assigned as fighter pilot.

Hero and Jacob are both aware of Seldrian's identity, and have been told not to tell anyone. The other two players are not aware, and have been told just that Seldrian is Norris's agent on board. They failed their rolls to recognize her, and not by a small amount.

First play session summary in the next post.
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