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Default My next Twilight War

Every few years I write a new version of how the Twilight War will happen and how things get to the games start point five to ten years hence.

My new one reaches it's tipping point with the accidental death of Vladimir Putin.

the lead up has Russia pulling a few more Ukraine style stunts till there is a turn around with Ethnic Poles living in what is now part of Russia trying to take the territories seeded to Russia during WWII and it's aftermath, wile Ethnic Germans in Poland are split along re-establishing Germanic states along the old Kingdom borders or joining Germany.

at a time I call "Next Wednesday" Vladimir Putin is preforming Show Jumping and Trick Riding stunts in front of a domestic and foreign press gallery, when he falls from his horse wile at full canter, the assembled press is told he has a mild-moderate Concussion and is suffering from Cord Shock, that Saturday a truck carrying heavy construction equipment suffers brake failure and rams the electricity substation serving the Presidents hospital and he dies due to lack of power to his life support, as the world will find out in coming weeks President Putin's injuries where more sever than first reported. with wide spread corruption or incompetence allegation against numerous politicians, senior public servants and judges a former KGB General turned Industrialist and friendly rival in conservative political circles of the dead President and a senior general in the Armies Auditor Generals Office stage a coup and cease power, immediately there are mass arrests of Politicians, Senior Officials and Oligarchs accused of Corruption reportedly somewhere around a trillion US$ worth of assets are ceased. Large amounts of ceased liquidity are used to back pay the Police, Military, Public Servants, Pensions ect. the Emergency Government of the Russian Federation had promised election in six months time and made serious moves to prepare for them, but the elections would never come as by then WWIII will be under-way.

Pt. 2: "How the Tanks Started Rolling" coming soon
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