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Default Referee's Aid 1: Among the Trojans

A brand new line for Traveller has just been started on Drivethru. Penned by fan-favourite M J Dougherty, Referee's Aid 1: Among the Trojans provides a complete outsystem setting that can be quickly inserted into any campaign.

Among the Trojans presents a complete and self-contained game setting for Traveller. It can be placed in almost any star system without affecting a setting’s canon data on what is there. A wealth of adventure opportunities awaits within the Trojan zones of the gas giant Kendelsei, among her moons, and on the system’s outer planets.

Characters do not need a starship to adventure in this environment; it is possible to move between the moons and planetoids by local craft, hitching a ride with friends or paying for passage as necessary. An adventuring group that has the use of a small craft like a cutter or a ship’s boat will find this more than sufficient to give access to the many adventure locations in this sourcebook, though long transits aboard small craft are rarely very pleasant!
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