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Originally Posted by McPerth View Post
If my vote counts, wellcome aboard
Thanks, McBean... err, McPerth.

Originally Posted by aramis View Post
Gunner #1 is yours, SB. (Not that he has to be a qualified gunner, but that's the official position being filled). A 1 career NCO is likely to be a corporal, lance sergeant, or sergeant. Colour or Staff, unlikely, (but if the battalion was nearly eliminated...).

SSM,CSM,RSM all would be second career. As would any other warrant.
Thanks, Wil.

First career junior NCO he shall be, then. I just don't think I can manage with only 2 general points for customizing.

What Gunner skill should he have to operate ship's weapons? I've been following along mostly, but don't recall any specifics on that. He ought to at least be somewhat experienced with the appropriate weapon, or else why would he get the assignment?

Originally Posted by aramis View Post
He can either be just mustered into the reserves, or still on active {IIRC, in the 1880's, you still couldn't actually get out of the Royal Army (or its subordinated services - Royal Cavalry, Royal Arty, Royal Engineers) except by retiring, deserting, being dishonorably discharged, or being disabled}.
I would just as soon he still be active duty, if that works with this mission.

Two more questions: 1) Would Royal Marines work better for this mission than Royal Army? 2) If so, would career just be same as Army? (Book mentions Royal Marines in center column on p.14, but have no career path for them.)

Originally Posted by rancke View Post
Oh, bad luck! In my gaming circle it's never a good omen to be the first goner (Indeed, the first gunner is normally an NPC with a penchant for wearing red).
As a serving NCO in British Army, most regiments would have him wearing a red tunic, so I guess my guy's fate is to show how mean the monster is. I'd better have him carry a sharp knife to cut his way out from the inside.
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