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In CT, at least, indefinitely. Or at least as long as you can score a fix.

The catch is that:
  • It is a monthly regimen that must be maintained in order to work,
  • Individual doses are hugely expensive -- roughly the equivalent to at least a year's salary for a typical (NPC) Imperial citizen,
  • The minimum tech level of a world you'll find any on, barring extraordinary circumstances, is 15,
  • Even at that tech level, it's kind of a crap shoot to source (10+ on 2d6 per world), and
  • That's assuming it's even legal there to begin with.
That said, there is at least one reference to a character who uses anagathics in a canonical adventure, even though it is clearly beyond his financial means and he is living on a world where it should be next to impossible to score a reliable supply. This is a significant plot point in that adventure, obviously.
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