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Originally Posted by Spinward Scout View Post
(OOC) - I don't have any JTAS. Sorry.
Aw, now I'll have to dig it out. I was just working from memory. Well, like I said, I don't expect you to stick around here long, anyway.


It turns out to be not far at all to the Scout Admin Office, since Dameon had landed on one of the Scout Base landing pads already, to partake of the free fuel and maintenance offered to Scouts with detached duty Scoutships.

In fact, it appears that the Scout Base is the major part of Craw's Class C Starport. Dameon sees from the building signs that Traffic Control is also part of the Scout Base, and that behind the Admin building is a larger building, probably mostly taken up by temporary quarters apartments, with a sign reading, "Sophont Contact and Study Orientation."

Even the business side of the port appears to be dominated by an IISS office for "Native Sophont Exports" and "Import Clearance Office." The only private construction appears to be a pair of warehouses, a pumping station reading, "Unrefined Fuel Only," and four landing pads for merchant vessels up to 600 dTons. One is currently occupied by an A2 Far Trader; the rest are empty.

Dameon finds the Base Administrator's office and the man he'd just spoken with via holo. The man rises to his feet and extends a hand to shake. "Bran Kerguelen," he identifies himself. With typical Scout informality, he rustles up a pair of plasses from behind his desk, gives them a quick wipe with a Clean-All cloth, then finds a bottle. "One of the nice things about a place with natives with compatible biology, most of them by this Tech Level have discovered distilled spirits and have some unique local liqueurs. This one is distilled from a wine made from something like plums; I've grown quite fond of it since I've been here, but if you'd prefer some standard issue trade whiskey I have that, too."

Once drinks are poured, Kerguelen holds out his hand-comp for a "bump" with Dameon's comp or datapad to pass the files. Except that in this case, it seems to be only a single file.

"I can tell you what it says," Kerguelen tells him. "It wasn't addressed to you in particular, nor encrypted. But it doesn't say much, either. Just that you are recalled to active duty, and are to report with your ship to a set of coordinates in the far outer system of Aster, at 1739, two parsecs to spinward of here. Nothing about preparation, needed supplies, or what you should expect after that."

"They're not just grabbing everybody who passes through, however; I've had two detached duty Scouts, and probably at least six active duty, pass through here since my last system update a few months ago, when that search must have been planted. You're the first one to trigger it."
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