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Originally Posted by Spinward Scout
Here's the Traveller write-up for the character.

Dameon Keldarii
677B94 Human (male) 32 years old
Senior Scout 3.5 terms

Pilot-3, Jack of All Trades-3, Diplomat-2, Sensors-2, Astrogation-2, Vacc Suit-1, Survival-1, Comms-1, Gun Combat (Stunner)-1, Engineer-1, Computers-1, Mechanic-0, Drive (Wheeled)-0, Carouse-0, Zero-G-0

17,500 Credits, Weapon (Stunner), Scout Ship
Looks good. I don't have the initial subsector all ready to go yet, but we might as well get your guy assigned to the job and on his way.

Ex-Scout Dameon Keldarii has just landed his detached duty Type S Scoutship Tauri Ecliptic at the somewhat beat-up Downport serving the equally down-at-the-heels border world of Craw (SM 1939) C573645-5 Ni (Crawni) 923 G7 V. [Note: I am using the classic JTAS write-up of this world, not the current Travellermap info which indicates a large Aslan population, nor the Traveller Wiki info which indicates radioactive tainted atmo, whereas the JTAS article had the taint as a low oxygen percentage. If you don't have the JTAS issues, I'll write you up a summary. If needed, that is; I don't expect your PC will be here for long.]

As he gathers up his breath-mask and the package which brought him here, his ship-comm pings with an incoming message. Still standing, he taps the Receive icon and the signal resolves into the holographic image of an older man in rumpled Scout uniform with Admin tabs, sitting at a cluttered desk. The man looks at him hopefully: "Ex-Scout Dameon Keldarii? I was expecting someone older, but your arrival tripped a search on our system, so I suppose you meet the parameters of what they want. You and your ship are being recalled to active duty. Care to come over to the office for a drink while I fill you in, or would you prefer an info-dump to your ship?"
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