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ErianFrost will be playing Kalos Thar, a Free Trader First Officer who brings the Fortunate Son crew some helpful skills in Trader, Broker, Admin, and Bribery, along w the necessary background in Deck officer skills. He joined the Fortunate Son after the change of Captain and name, at a port on the way to Reavers' Deep where the ship stopped for supplies and a few new crew.

His background is all written, and as soon as he approves a minor change that I made, I expect that he will be posting the public version here.

So, here is a brief recap of the crew so far:
Hampton Rhodes, Captain, Chief Pilot
Kalos Thar, First Officer, Trader/Broker
Donoma Lafitte, Navigator (Second Officer ???)
Max Black, Chief Engineer and Chief Steward
Sam 'Doc' Freeman, Ship's Surgeon (and Cargo Supervisor??)
Leo P. Henry, (crew position???)
Gayne Maize, security guard, assistant medic

That's seven, so I know I'm missing one... I haven't had any character info from LiNeNoIse.

That is assuming that everyone wants to start out already on board as a member of the crew. If you want your PC to start out in Reavers' Deep or someplace along the ship's path to get there, let me know... we need to work out some plan that will get you aboard ship to participate. For those already aboard, you should decide if you were in the crew of the Close Call a few months ago when there was a change of Captain and change of name to Fortunate Son, or whether you joined Fortunate Son afterward when they needed to fill some empty crew slots.

Sam, what do you see as Henry's role in the crew? I saw your bit about guarding the ship during landings... is he sort of a general thug-as-needed? He could also be an Assistant Engineer and back-up Pilot, IIRC. Third Officer?

Also will add two or three NPCs for guards, gunners, cargo-handlers, after I see Sabredog's ship design and deckplans and what more crew is needed. As Hans noted, these are also handy for "holding the horses" or guarding the ship while the PCs are off doing more interesting activities. Maybe a few of those robots that Sam was talking about, too.
Imperial Core Update: In other news, Emperor Strephon Aella Alkhalikoi is... still alive.

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