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"You called in the repairs, huh?" asked Uessae above me but still in the tub. "What was the bill?" I told her. "So," Uessae continued as she worked me, "what is next on the Bucket List?"

"I figure we might go shopping before returning to the ship, to give it time for repairs, life support. Then we can talk about what to mark off the List next. Mmmm." Uessae can massage. We stayed in the hottub and tried various settings of jets and chose fragrant fur shampoo for the other.

* * *

Uessae: "Shut that Hand Computer off and come to bed."

Ri: "Yes, ma'am."

* * *

Y. Why did you have to kill all those pirates? I knew it was an accusatory, unspoken question from Uessae as she walked behind me on the beach. I could not hear the waves or her voice but the question came from behind anyway. I wanted revenge more than information at the time, Uessae, was my answer as my gaze found the wooden longboat again. Explaining myself brought on guilt for the long-held grudge and vengeance streak Uessae had helped me shed. Never until now had she popped the question. Explaining also woke me for trying to use logic in a dream state.

Lair (Provence 2402) A8859B9-E (I argue F) Ga Hi Cp (that too) Cx Pr Pz K [Vargr] VLPr

Aforrarrang has four super mall complexes, one a short tube walk from the hotel we were lodged. I begged off from the ladies, for we brought Ludus Ka with us, (and see if she could grow out of that current look), and sought refuge in establishments not devoted to clothing.

I am not rated in grav vehicles. But that did not stop me from watching the Grav Belt demos on display screens. I was fogging the glass with my breath.

* * *

Ri: “Hi, um. I’d like to buy an engagement ring.”

Jeweler: “Sure, just cycle through the selections, notate any custom work, consider high-tech add-ons to the band or inside the stone’s crystal lattice and - well, you seem to be well on your way, sir.”

* * *

Well, that costed a pretty shiny credit. But if she likes it, I got the matching wrap to fit to it like a puzzle piece. I tucked the KCr500 ring into its gift case and received all the paperwork and notes on the customization I had added. Into a thigh pocket that stuff went.

I met back up with the ladies at the food court. I was soundly late and had to eat quickly if I wanted to keep up with Uessae and Lidus. The two ladies seemed to be hitting it off. But then remembered the old adage: Males bond. Females shop.

I dunno why I resisted entering the lingerie store, standing outside like I had nothing to do with the place, while Uessae and Lidus went through the collection. Sneaking askance glances, I saw that the store catered to Humaniti as well as Vargr. Everything that Lidus Ka considered was black, silk, leather, rubber, barbed wire (or what looked like it), or some combination thereof. Then Uessae caught me gawking and trying to hide it. Smiling at me from behind a rack of hanging ensembles, she padded over to Lidus to see what the Vilani was considering that had caught my attention. Red faced, even under my brown and tan ventrals, I searched the other side of the mall thoroughfare for a shop to look at while I waited.

And yes, I ended up as a mule for all the things the ladies purchased and was warned sternly by both not to look in the boxes, bags and other wrappings. Please, Ancients don’t let her have picked up anything for me from the males’ corner, I prayed.

After a day of shopping, some of the items of my own purchase - Engineer here - we returned to the hotel where I could check for any messages from the drydock repairing the Thuegueus II. One message from the yard complained about the incompatibility of the Imperium Jump Grid versus the Protectorate version. Another noted the scent of Humaniti aboard the Fast Far Trader before the Life Support crew came in and scrubbed everything. For the credits I was shelling out, the ship had best smell like New Ship or Maiden Voyage.

Uessae and I sat in on a holovid production Lidus was watching in the commons of the suite. A psionic horror, group of victims trying to survive a horde of psi-zombies because of some Final War boobytrap set off by the Smart Guy archetype and catching our hero and heroine in the mix. Add some megacorporate interference and Red Zoning interdiction and a time limit....

Uessae and I were in each other’s arms while Lidus had her boots kicked off and was watching the story emphatically.
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