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Default Remember Amnesia

Remember Amnesia
By the Pakkrat

Firgvaar (Provence 0401) A667987-E Ga Hi Pr VLPr

Well crap. I could have started this personal log when we broke out of jumpspace from Lair and had something to unload on instead of Uessae. I've just now switched on my Hand Computer-11 to begin recording.

Hi, uh, this is Ri Dzuerrgksungkorokoutue. I work for an indie mining operation named after the vessel I am crew as the Steward-Medic-Purser. But right now, I'm EVA from the Minor Carp in my Combat Armor-12 my only Vacc Suit. But it works out here in the Leading Trojans of LGG-Q of Firgvaar, am I right?

I dunno why I didn't start this personal diary at breakout or even on Day-1. Maybe I got Credit signs in my eyes now that this hunt for the big payoff is on.

"Slow your approach, Ri," called Uessae, my fiancée. "Do you want to splatter yourself over that C 'roid?" Like I'm even rated in microgravity movements. But it was my turn to have a closer look with the Ore Sampler.
That's Uessae Noedhin. She's ex-Navy all the way from Deneb Sector, Third Imperium. And she's a shiny, black beauty of an Aekhu. She came all the way out here with me and I'm from the Dzarrgh Federate. It's a long story as to how we made it so deep into the Vargr Extents.

There's four of us on the Minor Carp, a 200dT Vargr Seeker fresh out of Lair and into the Leading Trojans of LGG-Q. I can say LGG-Q like it’s a name because I don't know or care what its actual name is and it is the only Size Q Large Gas Giant in Firgvaar system.

The Captain-Owner of the Minor Carp, an Anglic translation from Logaksu, is a fellow Logaksu Vargr named - ready for a really long name? Captain Aekarrungve Gzaendzakaghekhsdzaertsaeng is a career Loner and Prospector that we all just nickname "Blacktongue" because the melanin in his oft-lolling tongue is darker than his usual pink mouth and gums and not because of substance abuse like smokeless tobacco.

Then there is our Human. Well, she's not ours per se. But Lidus Ka is the only Human aboard the Minor Carp. Now, if I can get her to quit styling her hair all spiky and wild like it's some kind of Vargr mane and neck ruff and take off all the leathers and that silly dog collar. We Vargr are not Terran dogs by the Ancients! Uessae and I met her when Uessae and I signed onto the Minor Carp for a Bucket List item: hit pay dirt belting asteroids. Uessae and I are mid-to-late forties while Lidus is still young and wild in her Vilani twenties. Who knew that Vilani could dress like that and act all-....punk?

"Move north once you touch down, Ri," called Uessae. I was almost claws and feet to the asteroid.

Behind me was the 200dT Vargr Seeker, its black, yellow and orange stripes jagged and reflecting in the light of the dimmer, G0 main sequence star. Out in Orbit 5 of Firgvaar, we chose to try the Leading Trojans cluster instead of the distant planetoid belt in Orbit 7 and crawling with wildcatters. Earlier, Uessae caught a whiff of something dense and metal which is unusual for carbonaceous asteroids in the C-zone.

Mainworld Firgvaar sat pretty as you please in Orbit 3, a Garden nestled in the Habitable Zone though I could not see it this far out in Orbit 5. Blacktongue already owned a license to prospect in this system and had elected upon jump precipitation to make for this cluster on the bow of LGG-Q. It was like throwing darts at a dartboard with a system map tacked to it. We skimmed for fuel and then turned about for the 60-degree arc before our fuel source. The Minor Carp flies like a pregnant guppy.

"Oof!" I grunted upon landing on the asteroid Uessae had targeted with Sensors and Densitomiter specifically. With Magnetic Grips embedded in my footwear and gauntlets, I crawled about until I could crouch and creep 'north' to the site Uessae was feeding to my Comms and my helmet heads-up visor.

Day-1 was spent pulling up and into the Leading Trojans of LGG-Q. I took a turn at the Sensors and soon learned what a watch was. Six hours of sitting on the Bridge of the Minor Carp at a velocity (not acceleration) just faster than the revolution of the cluster of rocks plowing the space before LGG-Q in their Orbit 5. I was quickly bored.

Sitting a watch means being awake, alert, listening for the Sensors to ping a potential reading. The remainder of Day-1 was a new level of boredom I discovered.

Everyone had taken a watch after me, three more as I slept. Next up was today, Day-2. I sat again on the Bridge and wanted to pluck out my eyeballs for six hours. I dunno how I got the idea that belting would be exciting. Maybe I was greedy and wanted out of the Bridge, because when Uessae's watch pinged a potential find, I was first in my EVA gear and locking on my Combat Armor-12 helmet and standing at the airlock.

I had strapped to my back one of those Backpack Propulsion Units and a long, spooled lifeline cable when Ms. Lidus Too-late arrived at the airlock. I waved at her through the inner door viewport and leapt like a mad Vargr out the second door pointed at the targeted asteroid.

She fired an obscene gesture at me as I spun about to face the 'roid before me.

And now I trudged over the bright face of the rock.

"You're looking for a deep depression, a basin, or maybe a crater, Ri," called Uessae. She must be on handler duty at Sensors on the Bridge. That meant Lidus and Blacktongue were crossing digits elsewhere, perhaps readying the Cargo Bay to begin mining if the Ore Sampler came up with a confirmed deposit.

"Score-...score another for the List," I huffed as I nearly tripped over loose dust and a solid rock. "Go hiking in microgravity."

"Focus, Ri," advised Uessae. "Keep your eyes on the surface before you and put one foot in front of the other."

While I did not reach any chasm, depression or basin, I did come across something useful. "Salvage strike!" I called. Before me was a field of crystaliron shards in varying states of burial in surface dust and rock of the asteroid. "Looks history old." The landscape on this 'roid hex was littered with starship plates in various states of aftermarket abuse.

Blacktongue called out over the Comms. "Mark it with your Beacon, Fixer. Lidus and I will land there with the cigar, pick up the Beacon and begin hauling what we can pry and cut loose. If it's old, it might be worth it to historians. How much you think?" He wanted to use the Minor Carp 30dT, integral Ship's Boat to collect the armor. Who knew how old it was? Vargr have been a Major Race for millennia and Firgvaar was next door to the Vargr homeworld.

"Looks to be about three tons max," I called and continued moving north in hopes of spotting Uessae's crater.

I continued north on the asteroid but soon enough my EVA duration was at limit. I was picked up by the Ship's Boat. Inside the bay of the cylinder smallcraft were stacked plates, entire sections, shards, splinters and swords of crystaliron ship armor. It would take some curator or historian to date the find. That was my day on this 'roid. It was Uessae's turn next for now that we had covered the bright face, it was time for her to reconnoiter the dark side.

Uessae moved the Vargr Seeker further north to the 'pole' of the asteroid in further search of her crater as Blacktongue, Lidus and I unpacked and stored the salvage find into the Cargo Hold. Just as we emptied the three tons, the Aekhu female was suited in her Corsair Queen motif Combat Armor-12, the kind that says Not To Be Messed With and out the airlock to the asteroid for the following watch. She swiped the Ore Sampler I had taken with me.

From the Bridge and my overwatch on Sensors and Comms, I became Uessae Noedhin's handler as she more readily covered ground on the asteroid. Ex-Navy girl was sure she saw something dense and metal and larger than three tons. "Come to dam, precious," I heard her say while EVA on the surface. I monitored her vitals rated as I am in Medical.

Eight hours, two watches went by as Uessae and then Lidus took their turns combing the dark side of the asteroid. And still no crater or basin. I saw through their heads-up displays Uessae and then Lidus beaming about with forearm torches in the dark.

Blacktongue put me to my cabin, ordering me to get rest. My Day-2 was done.
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