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Originally Posted by chipla View Post
Personally, I go a step further and IMTU have a few different common ammo types and give a range of pistol and rifle calibres. I think it's always good to give the players some options. It's also a good adventure hook occasionally. (You need that rare round for your super customised revolver? Well this guy knows where you can get some - but he wants a favour....)

Part of this is because IMTU I have a cold war brewing between not-NATO and the not-Soviets so I wanted to have some equipment differences even within the same category of weapon (for ACRs, for example, not-NATO has a heavier round for more accurate 'one shot one kill' style shooting (which they can achieve at greater distances due to better individual training and better tech) while the not-Soviets have a more intermediate round better (and cheaper) for volume fire and close in work.)
Interesting idea. Clearly an assault rifle (or ACR, SMG etc.) is a type of weapon, and various companies and nations/blocs/worlds/ can produce the same type of weapon in different calibers (just like here and now) which clearly won't chamber cartridges of the other.
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