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Games I love
Traveller, mostly CT but borrow from most editions
The Fantasy Trip

Games I play but would not GM
D&D of any version
Call of Cthulu
Warhammer RPG

Games I've played but not in a long, long time
Gamma World (I miss my flying polar bear!)
Top Secret
and a lot of others that have drifted out of my memory

Traveller simply because it was my first RPG, I started playing in college despite having the books in high school, and the min-games all lent themselves to a lot of solo play, as well as making fun programs for various aspects of that.

The Fantasy Trip as it is a lot more straightforward in its mechanics, is a lot more open-ended than most fantasy games, and of course, I started in college with that as well (college was apparently a very impressionistic time!).

Both of those systems have allowed me to play with making maps. Always been a map-fiend - did not hurt that my father worked at NOAA and would often bring maps home. I still prefer a paper map over GPS just so I can see the "big" picture, although I do rely far too much on GPS now.

The group I am back with again, after a 20+ year hiatus from gaming, plays all sorts of games. The one thing I wish we would do (and I am trying!) is to continue games. We have 1 & 2 month sessions, then switch to give people time to play and not always GM. But we rarely get back to previous games. The two I've refereed (a Traveller game that actually was continued but was left hanging at the end, and a Fantasy Trip game that has more possibilities) I keep mentioning as a possible game should people want to continue in the next session.

Edit: I also love board games, but I suck at them which is why I started RPGs. In fact, I've recently started a post-work gaming group as 3/4 of the in-house developers love to game but rarely get to do so. The conference room table is ideal for gaming. In fact, the 1 developer we hired in part because she was a member of the Asheville board game meet-up (so I have a bias towards people who game; she also need the edge as she is the only developer out of the 6 we have without a beard, not being a Dwarf and all that. I believe at this point in time, all males in Asheville, NC require a beard. Durn lumber-sexuals!)
Mostly lurking about...CT is still my favorite with T5 as a neat tool box to plunder.

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