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Originally Posted by 77topaz View Post
Yes, Julius Tanaka is my PC
Cool. So, where are we, guys? Magnus already kicked off the IC thread stating that we were on the concrete pad of the downport, having just stepped off the shuttle from the highport.

Magnus declined to answer my questions about whether we PCs knew each other, stating that was up to us to decide. He also declined to answer questions about the detached duty Scout ship that my PC received as a mustering out benefit, so I decided that he must mean for me to decide that as well, consistent with what little he'd already told us.

So I made Frank's first IC post along the lines Magnus dictated, arriving off the shuttle at Bohen Downs, with a little improv of my own to account for why he would leave his ship at the highport.

What I don't know is whether Frank has met your two characters, even perhaps whether they all arrived together on Frank's ship (especially Dabi, the other Scout). Although Mags didn't explicitly say, I'm figuring Frank mustered out at the nearest Imperial Scout Base, got his Rumor/invitation from the Banner of Bohen, and traveled directly here in his own ship, possibly with whatever passengers were heading the same way. (Or, I suppose Magnus could tell us that we just wandered to Bohen on a whim, as Travellers sometimes are known to do, and were recruited locally at Bohen Highport. That might make more sense.) Then docking at the Bohen Highport, then shuttle down, and here we stand on the concrete.

(I was going to look up what world would be that nearest Imperial Scout Base where Frank mustered out, but the map in the SANDBOX thread only has Bohen and Shessing as the only Imperial worlds up in the upper-right (rimward-trailing?) corner, so I'd need to find another of Magnus's Permatic Imperium maps to consult, and I fell back asleep before I could do that (darn meds!). Mags, a little help there?)

1. Have we met yet?
2. Did anyone (Dabi?) travel here to Bohen with Frank on his ship?
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