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Default Crossover with Third Imperium

I recently introduced a group that I have played D&D with for the past 18 months to Traveller. We rolled up characters and played through the "High and Dry" adventure that is the starter for Mongoose 2E and everyone loved it. We finished that two nights before TravellerCon and ended with them doing a misjump when attempting to get to Flammarion to end the adventure. Since I have wanted to do a Clement Sector game for the past tow years I looked at this as the perfect opportunity. So while at Travellercon I purchased a few books from John (Thanks John!!) and this week we are going to Clement Sector.

With that in mind I was hoping to get a few suggestions from folks who use Clement Sector on how to handle things. The group consists of 5 players, 4 human and a Vargr. They have a Type-S Scout ship that is in very bad shape with an operating system that expires in about 2 weeks. I also have a 6th player who wants to join who rolled up an uplifted bear pirate with a social of 11 (this is going to be awesome!). She will be their initial contact in Clement Sector.

So here are the things I would like some opinions on:

1. Communication. Anglic (Third Imperium common) is based upon modern Earth languages. And according to responses in this thread those include English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish and probably some non-Earth words as well from Vilani and other cultures. So my 3I characters will have to rely on translators to communicate in the Clement Sector, but can their computers do that? based upon the above info this is the conclusion I have come up with:
A computer that can translate the current major Earth languages would probably be able to do a decent job of translating Anglic. However, a computer designed to translate Third Imperium languages would have a hard time with modern Earth languages.
Please feel free to chime in with your opinions on that.

2. Location, Where should I have them come out? In which subsector and near which planet would you have a scout ship from the 3I appear? I was thinking in the spot where the Conduit was because that would cause all kinds of chaos, but I'm not sure. I was also thinking that might be to high profile.

3. Compatibility. Would a Clement Sector shipyard be able to repair a 3I ship? Particularly the jump drive? Would computers be able to communicate? The easy thing to do is say sure, no problem. But I want there to be a problem, I WANT culture shock, just not sure how far to take it. Suggestions?

So we meet again tomorrow night and I still have a lot of reading in the Clement Sector books to do, but would greatly appreciate any suggestions and ideas my fellow players and Refs have. Thanks!
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