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Default Nuclear Dampers in an Offensive role

I've been re-reading my Striker rules recently and picked out a tidbit in the description of nuclear dampers. In Striker, the systems are used in a point defense role against incoming nuclear weapons AND at higher tech levels they can be used to decay (rendering harmless) nuclear weapons carried on-board targeted vehicles.

I don't remember this offensive role for Nuclear Dampers ever mentioned in discussion of the ship-mounted versions. I am wondering if maybe this is a viable mission to design a smallish vessel around - targeting enemy missile bays and magazines to render their nuclear missiles harmless before they can be fired.

Of course, it is likely that the idea has already been discussed at length and the thread is hidden somewhere I have not yet found, but just in case -

Has anyone considered this before?

Does it appear to be a viable tactic?

I'd think targeting would be problematic but the potential payoff could be big since many fleets rely heavily on nuclear missiles. This might be a viable role for heavy fighters or a vraiant on a similar hull.

Using MT design tables, at TL14 an optimized damper pack takes 28 kl of volume but supplying the 750MW will require a big plant. At TL15 it is easier - 16kl volume and 500MW power required.

It appears the designing a craft for the role is possible but is the tactic viable? Does the damper have to pinpoint the exact location of the missile magazine or just 'zap' the entire hull? Is the payoff worthwhile? How catastrophic is the potential loss of the missile component of your fleet's offensive capability?
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