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A long time ago (I try not to think how long ago) I played what I understand now is Classic Traveller. I so enjoyed it I bought MegaTraveller when it came out and we played that for some years.

Education intervened and once we'd finished with that Traveller: New Era was out, so I bought that and we played that also. Not for long though, as adult life had snook up on us and we all had 'careers' to chase.

Fast forward a good few years and I am now in a position to play regularly (and do). We play a number of systems and have even tried Traveller d20, T20. I, however, have fond memories of MegaTraveller and rue the day I threw all the books away.

So, my question is this - where is the best place (in the UK) to get my hands on all that stuff?

As an addendum, I have noticed a lot of 'my favourite traveller is X', discussion of 'canon' and so on. Is this really necessary? I never had a problem with any of it - mainly because I Referee'd the Spinward Marches. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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