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the ICS Imperial Jewell carries four modules of various kinds, each 100 dtons. five are provided here, others are of course possible. each is provided with port/starboard and upper/lower versions for placement in any module location. you may use microsoft paintbrush (paint, mspaint, paintbrush) to cut and paste these graphics onto the appropriate locations on the Imperial Jewell. if a paper representation is needed then each of these graphics are 7.5 by 10 inches and can be printed out onto standard 8.5 by 11 inch sheets with a 0.5 inch margin.

this gives some room for each mid-passenger. most are presumed to be in mid-passage to allow work and report preparation prior to arrival, so many rooms have computer terminals, two conference rooms are available, and the holograv entertainment booths are user-programable. food service is simple and automated.

this packs in the mid-passengers fairly tightly. each cabin has overhead swing-down desktops for workspace and two conference rooms are available. food service is simple and automated.

the ICS Imperial Jewell carries 140 dtons of fuel between decks, allowing 4 weeks of operations and concurrently a jump of a single parsec. each additional fuel module carried allows jumping 1 parsec further, up to the limit of the jump drive capability.

just a cargo module, 100 dtons capacity.

just a cargo module, 100 dtons capacity, with some lowberth cargo containers mixed in.

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