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Originally Posted by kilemall View Post
I'm reading that there would still be quite a need for cheap ground transportation even at the higher TLs- 600K Cr for an air/raft still makes it a working vehicle or rich plaything, and even if you say buy a TL9 air/raft at TL14 and incur the 50% TL 'exchange rate', that still works out to 300K vs. much more affordable wheels.

Or you could go hover which would allow for much cheaper grading and fixing of travel surface without the expense of maintaining a road to full safe/drainage levels.
I believe that there was a 10% discount for TLs over that, so a TL 9 air/raft would cost 60000 Cr and a TL 10 one cost 6000.

Unless you wanted to alter that and have a TL 9 one cost 300000 CR, a TL 10 one cost 100000 Cr and so forth. Makes getting higher TL ones a better idea, and gives in-game justification for a lot of worlds trying to up their TLs.
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