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Cool On The Road

During research for my third novel, I have been looking at a lot of information about the Interstate Highway System. In essence, I imagine a 'highway culture' on some alien planet.

I have my own ideas for how this came to be, already in development IMTU. However, the planetary scale just came to me moments ago, and i was so fascinated by the concept that I wanted to share.

IMTU Terra gradually abandons internal combustion engines during the 21st Century, with the exception being the Los Angeles Automotive Reclamation Area. Pollution and special use taxes make it too expensive for average citizens to have them. LAARA is funded by old-school NASCAR and NHRA fanboys, who maintain the highways. Long straight sections along with 'interchange mazes' (intersections of major interstates) are there for the enjoyment of rich dilettantes.

What would the planetary characteristics be of such a place, where vehicles predominate?

What comes to mind for me is almost continual cloud cover and extreme winds aloft. Maybe the original colonists hit the 'sweet spot' of the ecocycle and there was actually sunshine that year. How about a sunny year 1 of 10?

Now i leave the rest to you fellow CotI members. As an inducement to those who think an 'interstate planet' would be a boring place, I provide this:
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