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Originally Posted by AnotherDilbert View Post
RAW is pretty clear, as far as I can see:
I don't want to clutter up Matt's feedback thread with too much rules lawyering, so I'll be real brief an move on but I gotta disagree. Re-read the B5 p22 and A5 p13 quotes you posted; they contradict each other. The CT errata makes explicit that less than 4 weeks PP fuel is OK in both the xboat and small craft errata. IMHO Matt's implementation is perfect.

Back to bug reports.

The computer draws power. Hence a ship with a PP-4 and that computer cannot have enough free power for Agility 4. See the example:
The ship in your example has PP 6, not 4. Nevertheless, there is something weird about how that checkbox works (it adds the drop tanks to ship dtons when calcuating EPs). As a user, I always leave it unchecked and the agility calcs come out just fine.
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